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"Many people feel frustrated and overwhelmed with choosing the right supplements.  I provide professional grade supplements delivered to your door with advice that is a phone call away."  -The Balanced Pharmacist

There are over 80,000 supplements on the market today. 
How do you choose? 
I am here to help you understand the supplement world.  I have over two decades of experience assisting patients as they solve their health problems using supplements, nutrition & lifestyle changes. 

For a low monthly fee you can have unlimited access to me and my 25 years of holistic pharmacy experience.  Stop wasting money on things you don't need.  Instead let me help you pick the right product at the right price, delivered to your doorstep, stress free.

Currently we are facing a unprecedented health scare with Covid-19.  I believe supporting our immune system through diet, lifestyle and supplements will be beneficial.  Email me if you have specific questions or need help.

We all deal with at least one of these three issues:
     Lack of Sleep
Hormone Imbalance

My passion is educating patients.
     -about holistic treatment options
     -why they are using supplement
     -how to use them correctly

Your health really is about balance.  The thyroid, adrenals and hormones need to be in balance.  If one gets a bit off it affects all the others.  You have to treat the entire person not just one part to truly feel healthy. 

Stress has such a negative impact on our bodies and our immune system. Resulting in
     -hormone changes,  such as cortisol, testosterone,
     progesterone, DHEA and estrogen. 

Genetics also have an impact on our health and we may not even be aware of it.  For instance, you may not be able to convert certain vitamins to the active form your body uses.  Professional brand supplements contain the converted forms of many vitamins and are not using synthetic forms.  

I have 25 years of experience helping patients choose the supplements that will help them heal.  Stop wasting money trying to guess what you need.  Let me help you choose the correct product and teach you why and how to use it properly.  Education is the key.

How do you choose?

Would you like to have professional brand supplements, hand picked by a pharmacist just for you, delivered to your door at a discounted price?

Whether it is stress, lack of sleep or hormone imbalance you are dealing with, you need to know the supplements you are using are going to help.  The options are overwhelming.  Let me get you on the right regimen.  My customized protocols developed over the last 25 years working with patients just like you ensure success and a new chapter in your health story.

Often we take expensive supplements but don't feel any better.  Do you understand why? How do you know you picked the right product and took the correct dose?  Let me help you using my 25+ yrs. of experience as a holistic pharmacist.

I will keep up on the current research for you so you always get the latest and best product to meet your needs.  The research can be confusing and often times the media does not get the story right.  Knowing how to interpret the study and the value it may or may not bring is important.  Let me do this for you, I will give you the highlights and important takeaways!

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